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Blunded aims to make web3 easy to use and available to everyone. Whether you've been in crypto for years or just making your first steps in decentralised finance. We're here for you.


We want every investor to make informed choices, so we provide the information you need to proceed in the crypto space.


Our whole ecosystem is aimed at being transparent in all aspects. From our company structure to the fees on our swap.


Crypto should be easy to use. Everyone should have access to the same information and how to use it. That's why we try to keep our app as simple as possible. We also provide tutorials on how to use the different options our app has to offer!


We are always willing to answer your questions. If our app and tutorials don't provide you with enough information, feel free to contact us through your preffered method.

Core team

Meet the people who make blunded happen.

Arnoud van der Meulen


Jean-Paul van Houtum


Marcel Hoekstra

Technical lead


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