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Blunded is an online platform designed to make decentralised crypto easier & more safe.

On our buy page you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and some other well known cryptocurrencies through our trusted partner BTC direct. To buy crypto you need your own wallet. Don’t have a wallet yet? 

A crypto wallet is your connection to the blockchain (or Web3). Learn more about wallets here.

To get your own wallet right away: visit this page.

Blunded helps (new investors) by making the decentralised crypto space more easy and safe. However, we will never provide our customers with financial advise, nor will we share our personal views. Always do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency (or other asset for that matter). 

Dollar cost averaging is a way of investing in crypto that helps you spread out the money you are investing over a period of time. For example, if you have $100 to invest, instead of investing it all at once, you could use dollar cost averaging to invest $10 each month for 10 months. By doing this, if the price of crypto goes up, then you will benefit by buying more when it‘s cheaper. But if it goes down, then you are also protected from investing too much at one time.

A crypto portfolio tracker is a tool or app that helps you keep track of all your different crypto coins. It can help you see how much money you have in each crypto coin, how much that coin has changed in value, and how much it could be worth in the future. By using a crypto portfolio tracker, you can make sure that your investments are going in the right direction.

It also makes it easier to keep track of multiple wallets and accounts, since all of your information is stored in one place. Plus, you can check live crypto prices in the app. 

Read more in our blog.

Our app is available on the iOS appstore and in the Google Playstore

You can also use the app through any browser by going to:


Tokens associated to smaller or new crypto projects often don’t get listed on central exchanges until they have grown into more secure projects. For obvious reasons. 

However, some people would like to invest in projects they believe in, even if the risk is much higher. The upside is also much higher, ofcourse. 

Most of these lower marketcap tokens can be bought on the decentralised crypto market. 

To buy these tokens you need ‘bigger’ crypto tokens (layer 1’s mostly), depending on the blockchain these tokens operate on. Most tokens are deployed on the Ethereum- or Binance network.  So you’ll need a wallet with some Eth or BNB on it. We already showed you how to get a wallet and how to buy Ethereum

Now you’re ready to use a decentralised crypto swap, our soon to be launched tradeplatform works as a tool to make trading tokens more easy. Go to: and follow the steps mentioned there. 

Web3 is the third generation of the World Wide Web, which is built on decentralized, opensource technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency. It offers users the ability to own their own data on the web by utilizing decentralized applications (DApps) built on the blockchain, allowing them to store, send, and receive data in a secure and private manner. Additionally, users can use smart contracts to securely transfer money and assets directly to other users, eliminating the need for intermediaries and greatly reducing transaction costs.

This is in contrast to Web2.0, which is characterized by dynamic websites, social networks, and usergenerated content and is focused on user interaction and collaboration. Web3 thus provides users with greater control over their personal data, as well as a more secure and private way to transfer money and assets.

Decentralized in the crypto space means that no one company or person is in control of the cryptocurrency. Instead, it is powered by a network of computers, each with their own copy of the ledger. This means nobody can change the rules or stop the cryptocurrency from working, because it relies on the agreement of all the computers on the network.
This means that users can trust that their transactions are secure and cannot be tampered with, as the network is distributed and no single entity has control over it. It also means that users can make secure payments quickly, without the need to go through a third party or worry about the security of their funds.
When buying crypto decentralised, you are buying it directly from other people or services, without going through an exchange or other institution. This means you are in control of the transactions and don‘t need to rely on a thirdparty to verify them. You also have full control over the storage of your private keys, meaning you are not vulnerable to any exchangerelated failures. With an exchange, you are buying from a centralised platform that handles the transaction and authentication for you, but you do not have complete control over the storage of your private keys.

Our portfolio app is free, on our tradeplatform ( we charge 1% for a trade. We will show you the total fees (including Gas/network fees before you trade!)

Blunded is a Dutch company. Started by Arnoud van der Meulen & Jean-Paul van Houtum. Check out the core team on: about blunded.

The blunded platform is completely safe to use. Especially since everything on our platform works decentralised. You stay in complete control of your own funds. 

The portfolio tracker, doesn’t need any actual connection to your tokens. The app just scans the blockchain for you to give you the information you want.

Ofcourse, blunded is here to help (starting) investors with anything related to the crypto space. Use our 1 on 1 live assistance planner or use the chatbot to speak to someone from blunded. We’ll be happy to help you set up a wallet, buy some Ethereum or make your (first) decentralised trade. 

Our helpdesk is completely free of charge and without any obligations.

Let us know! Use our chatbot. send an email to or dm us on our socials.

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Use our calendly to plan an online meeting with someone from blunded, we can guide you through creating a wallet or buying crypto.

How to: create a wallet
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How to: buy crypto
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Learn how to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies decentralised. In 5 minutes you'll be all set up.