What is a portfolio tracker?

Keep track of your investments.

A portfolio tracker is essentially a tool that shows you how your investments are doing. It tracks the movements of your securities (in this case crypto tokens), and calculates how much losses or gains you’ve made on your complete portfolio during a certain time-frame.

In the blunded portfolio tracker, you can get a complete overview of all your crypto tokens in one app. Whether they are on an exchange account, a cold wallet or an investment app. This means you only have to open your portfolio tracker to see how your favorite crypto tokens are doing. This saves you the trouble of keeping track of multiple wallets yourself.

In addition, the blunded portfolio tracker let’s you decide on the time-frame, preferred currency and the price you paid for your tokens. So you can get the exact information you prefer! See how much profit you’ve made from your total portfolio or check how a specific token is performing on a set time-frame, using the calming graph.

Do I send my tokens to the app & does the app need access to my funds?

No, and no.. That’s a common misconception. Your tokens (or actually the keys that prove your ownership of your tokens) never leave their spot. Even if you sync a wallet or an exchange account (which will soon be possible in our app) the tokens remain where they are. Our app just reads the data the blockchain provides, so by syncing an account, the blockchain tells our app which tokens you own, without giving access to them.

How does the app know which tokens I have?

While there is the optional function to sync your metamask account to your wallet, you decide which tokens the app has to track. This way, you could add all the tokens you own to the account to accurately track your total portfolio or you could add some of the projects you want to keep an eye on and use your portfolio tracker as a watch list. You decide which and how many tokens you add, there is no limit or connection to actual ownership.

The app checks the current and historical prices of the tokens the user has added to their portfolio. The user defines the amount of tokens and the price paid. But don’t worry if you forgot; if you submit the date you bought the tokens, we’ll suggest the weighted average price of the token that day.

Is the portfolio tracker made for my iPhone, Android or Laptop?

It’s made for any device! You can use our iOS App for your iPhone or iPad, use our Android app for your smartphone or tablet or use our web app (app.blunded.com) on your laptop or desktop. If you use the same credentials you can keep track of your portfolio whichever device you are using.

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